"Kiss of Death" - RAW CUT - Featuring Bill Blank


Great Comedians. Great Stories. Told Different. 


*This is a special extended unedited cut of my interview with Comedian Bill Blank. To find the episode all cut together with the normal bells and whistles - CLICK HERE.*


Comedian Bill Blank’s first childhood kiss triggered a rush of anxiety attacks that still plague him as an adult. Bill talks about the peer pressure attached to hitting it off with girls, experiencing your first kiss and simply having a girlfriend even if the relationship is for a couple of days.

Bill talks about the build up and the fascination associated with it all. He also opens up about his friends waiting for the ‘moment’ and when it finally happens, and how for Bill, it was the most disgusting thing he has ever experienced.

Bill started battling severe anxiety attacks at the age of ten.  Once he was a teenager he started having irrational thoughts and a heavy fear of death.

“I just thought, I’d rather commit suicide than live in fear of dying.”

Bill slowly learns to accept and deal with his anxiety by treating it as a ‘person’ and talking himself out of fear every time it tries to overcome him. He makes the anxiety his strength. Then at the age twenty-one, Bill discovers standup comedy. This is a huge turning point in his life. That rush of the stage began to act as a vaccine for Bill’s anxiety.

Bill isn’t 100% cured. But it does prove that laughter just might be the best medicine out there.