"Nails in the Fence" Featuring Jenny Zigrino


One of my favorite comedians to watch, Jenny Zigrino shares here story about what it was like being trapped in the middle of her parent's multi-culture divorce as a child. Those complications in the divorce actually got so bad they led Jenny to getting 'kidnapped' by her mother.

One summer she was supposed to spend a few weeks with her in Boston when her mother just never arranged a plane ticket for her to return home. So she had to start over in a city she'd never been to and in a private religious school she knew nothing about. Jenny was considered to be a true outsider.

All Jenny wanted to do was return back home to Minnesosta to live with her father, so under confusion and distress she started writng hate letters to mother pleading with her to send her back home. 

Listen to Jenny's journey and find out what led to all this anger and division, some tales from her days as an outsider. And we find out if Jenny ever made back to Minnesota.

All that and much much more on this episode of Punched Up.