"Funny Twist of Fate" Featuring Ben Gleib




Comedian Ben Gleib has a fantastic podcast called, “The Last Week on Earth.” He covers politics, celebrity gossip, life advice and nothing is off limits. He kicked off his podcast with a parade of high-profile celebrity guests including Blake Griffin, Dane Cook, Meghan McCain, Aisha Tyler and Sophia Bush.

Ben and Sophia hit it off famously and ended up attending Seth Rogan’s “Hilarity For Charity” event. That’s when Ben met Bryan Cranston for the first time.

After the charity event, the legendary actor from the hit series “Breaking Bad” agreed to do Ben’s podcast. He came on and they acted like old high school buddies who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years. The energy was electric. They were laughing, trading Rush Limbaugh impressions, Bryan was giving career advice. You name it, they talked about it.

This ended up being the beginning of a lifelong relationship between Ben and Bryan. Bryan even sent a few of his co-stars Ben’s way to do his podcast. This is a MUST HEAR episode. It’s so much fun and actually one of my favorites so far.

I can’t thank Ben enough for coming on and sharing. Make sure you check out Ben’s wonderful podcast “Last Week on Earth” to hear the full episodes with Bryan Cranston and Bob Odenkirk. You can also watch Ben Gleib host “The Idiot Test” on The Game Show network and be sure to watch his one-hour hour comedy special on Showtime called, “Neurotic Gangster.”