"From Speechless to Showtime" Featuring Ben Gleib


Ben Gleib knew he wanted to be an entertainer since he was five years old. The only problem was, he had a stuttering problem. I think you already know how this story goes, Ben had a difficult time in school and was bullied. Sometimes so bad that he would just lock up and couldn’t even say hello to people passing by in the hallway.

Ben was one of the most educated kids in 7th-grade science class. That didn’t matter much because he wasn’t always able to articulate his points. Once he had to give a presentation and literally couldn’t talk. Yup, he went into shock and completely locked up in front of his entire class.

Finally, Ben enlisted in speech therapy classes but he would never commit to the exercises and practices he was sent home with. One afternoon his speech teacher had him reading a report out loud when she noticed something odd. She said that Ben seemed to be focusing on the presentation of his speech but not the content. Ben told his therapist that he was purposely focusing on the presentation because he feared messing up a word or sounding dumb in front of his classmates.

This was a HUGE turning point for Ben.

See, most people with a fear of public speaking see it wrong, like Ben. They think that it’s so important and everyone is judging them and it has to be perfect or they will look like an idiot. In reality, the opposite is true. Most people are just glad they’re not the one speaking and have very low expectations.

“They aren’t expecting Winston Churchill; they are just expecting information from whoever was chosen by this company at this moment to speak.”

“Take a step back and think about if your little speech or stand up act or presentation at work is really so important. Take another step back and realize there are millions of people starving to death. Take a further step back and realize we’re spinning out of control on a planet in a vast unknowable universe where we are the tiniest speck that truly couldn’t have any significance based on the size and grand scheme of things.” – Ben Gleib

Once Ben saw the bigger picture, it stopped him from getting the least bit nervous. No matter how intense the situation.

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