"A Stab at Stand Up Comedy" Featuring Ricarlo Flannagan




Ricarlo Flanagan hasn’t lived with his mother since he was 16 years old because Ricarlo and his Step Father’s relationship is complicated. Well actually, calling their reltionship complicated would be a HUGE understatement.

Ricarlo’s parents had him at a very young age. Ricarlo’s mother was only seventeen and his father was nineteen when they had him. Soon after he was born Ricarlo’s father joined the Military. His mother hated this decision and the young couple split up. Years later, Ricarlo’s mother found herself marrying an abusive alcoholic who did not get along with Ricarlo.

One day Ricarlo went to the hospital to support his friend whose father had recently had an aneurysm. When he got back home he found his stepfather really drunk and mad at his mother about some change she kept from the grocery store. Hisstep father looked at it as stealing and wanted revenge. Things got heated and Ricardo and his step father started to fight. Thing escalated as they do and quickly took a turn for the worse.

After the step dad scuffle, Ricarlo decided to move in with his father. During this period of his life, he made time think about his life. Where he was, and where he wanted to be. He rediscovered his motivation while living with his father in Michigan. It was a stress free lifestyle and he felt like his old self again.

Ricarlo went back to school, lost weight, got a job and moved out. He ended up taking a comedy class because he didn’t know anybody in town and didn’t have anything to do on his days off work. That’s when he fell in love with comedy. Little did he know, Stand Up Comedy would turn his whole life around.

Since then, Ricarlo has been featured on FUSE TV, Laughs on FOX and NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  Ricarlo’s debut comedy “Man Law” is also available on iTunes. Enjoy.