R.I.P. DON RICKLES (1926-2017)

"I'll Trade You Laughter For Love..."


To say that Don Rickles was legendary seems like an understatement. Rickles was one of the pioneers of comedy. He re-invited the wheel of stand up comedy. Don did what no one else ever did, he perfected insult comedy. 

He roasted President Ronald Regan. He roasted Johnny Carson and Frank Sinatra. Not only did he roast legendary crooners like Sinatra and Dean Martin but Don was an honoree member of the Rat Pack. 

Don was unpredictable. Lovable and one meanest nice guys the world has ever seen. Dubbed "Mr.Warmth" Don made giant impacts on every life that he touched and inspired so many more from afar. 

Don passed away last Thursday evening due to kidney failure at the early age of 90 years old. Rickles was still working his show in Vegas and touring the country doing stand up right up until the moment he passed. 

Don also wrapped on a ten episode television series called, "Dinner with Don" right before passing as well. 

We lost a icon in the comedy world last week. It felt a lot when we lost Robin Williams. Losing Robin was like having our favorite uncle pass away, and now we lost Grandpa. 

Watch Jimmy Kimmel give Don a heartfelt tribute.

If you have Netflix, you can watch the documentary about Don Rickles called "Mr.Warmth."

Here is clip of Don Rickles performing at the Just For Laughs festival in 2014. Enjoy.