Chicago Film Festival Bans Dick




They recently held a screening of the comedic documentary, "Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story" at the infamous Just for Laughs festival in Montreal earlier this year and they were supposed to screen it again at the Chicago Film Festival in November. The film has a number of famous actors and comedians in it including Ben Stiller, Jimmy Dore, Steve-O, Pauly Shore and Nick Swardson. Basically a collection of comedy icons sharing their crazy and sometimes sincere Andy Dick stories. Also, the film being screened in Chicago was a big deal because that's where Andy began his career.

So what happened? 

Well, apparently Andy Dick is under investigation for some pretty serious sexual assault allegations. 

The allegations are that the comedian groped, licked and even propositioned people. Dick denies any such incidents and says he never groped anyone. He claims that the most he may have done is to kiss someone on the check and then licked them. But, this is normal behavior for him.


Andy admits that sometimes his behavior can be quite outrageous, but he confined his actions to flirtation and asking people out. He firmly claims that he is no sexual predator.

A statement from the art director of the Chicago Film Festival says that they will not be part of anything that reeks of victimizing people and they don’t want to wait for things to calm down before making their decision. They are more concerned about maintaining integrity in the comedy industry.


Since the accusations against Andy Dick are being investigated, the festival through its art director stated they do not think it is right for them to showcase this documentary. They are also against having Dick attend and present at the festival as well. The fact is Chicago has already been affected by various allegations and this has gained a lot of public attention. Thus, the festival does not want to be part of anything to do with perpetuating or silencing such negativity.

The other thing that influenced the festival’s decision is that many victims came forward and wanted to share their own Andy Dick stories. Ones that wouldn't match the happy and fun memories shared in the documentary. 

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey allegations, the festival wanted to make a stand and focus on bringing some integrity into the comedy industry and have decided to ban the comedy documentary,  "Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story" from the festival.

They also put out a statement stating that If you have already purchased a ticket for the screening, then you will be notified and will have the option of exchanging or refunding your ticket amount.